All in the Details

Concrete is finally gaining some speed here on the east coast, now the "new thing" is concrete countertops, but really there is so much more that can be done. The list of services is ongoing. We find new applications all the time, but the allure of the material is really all in the details.

What can be done with concrete is endless. So pair the material with a fabricator that not only knows and can push the limits with an artistic eye and you got what you need for this material to really stand out (not that it doesn't already).

Yesterday we just finished the final touches at Kuche Cucina's new Madison Showroom. We made architectural concrete panels for the front display of televisions that showcase all the beautiful kitchens and multiple magazine covers their work is featured in. Their logo was integrally put in the concrete and then metal letters were attached. Then the front desk is 4" thick charcoal top with an integral candy dish and ammonite detail. Behind the font desk is another architectural concrete panel and on the front of the desk are three decorative textured wall panels contoured to follow the shape of the wall. The molded "water" pattern is cast in blue concrete is separated from the charcoal border with silver leaf capturing the feeling of water in the environment.

By presenting concrete in this manner, the doors of people's mind can open to go beyond the functional feature of a surface and allow artistic interpretation and organic tangibility to create a presence and an environment in the home/space.