Benefits of Buying Sustainable Products

Many people are under the assumption that buying sustainable products is environmentally-friendly but not necessarily great for the budget. Unfortunately, because of this many contractors and interior designers don’t push these eco-friendly products and their clients miss out on their many benefits. 

We’ve put together a few of the best benefits of buying sustainable products for you to share with your customers to help them make an informed decision. Keep reading to learn why you should be promoting the use of sustainable goods and products for your clients designing needs!

Environmentally-Friendly Products Are Attractive to Clients, But… 
Believe it or not, many of your clients aren’t against using sustainable products, are curious about them, and nearly 1 in 3 would buy an environmentally friendly product if it were to save them money.

Many people want to be green or environmentally-friendly, they like the idea of being forward thinking and possibly saving money on their monthly bills. However, when they see the initial cost of the sustainable product over the conventional one, they often back away.

Depending on the type of product they’re interested in - whether it happens to be solar panels, low-flow water fixtures, LED light bulbs, or sustainable raw materials - explaining the cost savings over time could help sway their buying decision, leading them to an energy-efficient product that they are happier with for many years. 

Of course, each of these products will vary in the amount of money they can potentially save your clients and the amount of money will vary based on the location. It will be worth your time and effort to research these facts to help better educate your customers!

Sustainable Products Are Made to Last
Aside from the positive environmental impacts of sustainable products and their potential for monthly cost savings, sustainable products are made to last, meaning they won’t have to be replaced nearly as often as conventional ones. 

This fact in itself will help anyone who buys a green product to save money! When a product is made to last and doesn’t require multiple replacements, less trash goes to landfills and the buyer’s carbon footprint shrinks, helping them to feel great about their initial purchasing decision.

Not having to replace household products regularly is also a time-saver. A well-made product that looks great, is sustainable, and continues to fulfill the needs of a consumer will help them avoid the annoyance of finding replacements and continually having to be on the lookout for the next greatest thing.

Sustainable Materials Give Your Business a Competitve Edge
Customers who are unsure about purchasing sustainable products or their benefits will appreciate the fact that you care enough about the environment to educate them about their purchasing decisions. 

When your clients realize that you’re also helping them save money by offering these insights, they’ll likely recommend your services and become repeat customers. 

Over time, your contracting or interior designing company will become known as a trailblazer, leading the way toward an environmentally-friendly future and sustainable way of life. This is hugely important for continued growth as almost 9 in 10 people are trying to live a greener, more sustainable life by recycling or buying sustainable products!

Beginning to Buy Green Products
Whether you are providing sustainable contracting or design services or buying green products for your own household, you may need a better idea of where to begin the journey to sustainability. 

One of the first things that you may consider doing is choosing to buy locally made, sourced, or organically grown products. These products are typically more sustainable because they don’t require the same shipping methods that non-local products do. They also help to support local businesses who are often, by nature, greener than large corporations. 

After deciding to buy more of your products locally, you might then consider making the switch to energy-saving technology like the LED light bulbs, solar panels, or low-flow water fixtures mentioned above. Depending on your needs, you may consider taking steps to recycle or reduce the number of packaged products you buy and use. 

Each of these small steps that you choose to take can help you, your business, and your clients to become a bit greener and more sustainable. By setting a great example of sustainability, your clients will be more inclined to follow your suggestions regarding the many benefits of buying sustainable products.

Buying Sustainable Products: Better for Everyone
As technology continues to advance, there will be more sustainable products coming to the market and at a lower cost. As this continues to happen and people begin to purchase sustainable goods regularly, our climate, landfills, and overall environment will be positively impacted. 

Your business and your clients can feel great about being part of these positive environmental impacts and how they will affect future generations. As a contractor or interior designer, your green choices may help shape the way consumers feel about buying green and improve the chances that they’ll make sustainable or environmentally-friendly choices. 

Clearly, there are many benefits of buying sustainable products and choosing to help your clients make greener choices, from long-term cost savings and a lowered need to make replacement purchases to helping ensure a minimal negative impact on the environment!

Everyone wins when greener choices are made - if you’re interested in learning more about our sustainable products, their costs, benefits, and how they can benefit your clients, give us a call. We’d love to help you offer environmentally-friendly design solutions to all of your customers!