It's all about that Brass

Beautiful kitchen with Real Concrete perimeter countertops and WoodForm Concrete Island with Brass Nailheads and accessories.

Mix it up

Typically we do Woodform Islands and Real Concrete perimeters. This kitchen has a sleek thick RealConcrete Island and Woodform Perimeters. We love the way this looks!

Wellmont Theater

JM Lifestyles fabricated the bars at the Wellmont Theater in Montclair, NJ. We embedded fiber optics in the bar tops for the Mezzanine and Orchestra bars. The pictures are from opening night at...

Quality versus Quantity

Our company believes in the environment as much as we believe in making the most outrageous, unique functional concrete pieces. We are constantly improving our processes to cut out chemicals whenever...

Fireplace Surround

We have been seeing more and more instances of multiple fireplaces in homes, and so the need for versatility in opening and surround measurements are more important. We provide the use of our...

Concrete in the Bathroom

Concrete bathrooms are ideal for both commercial or residential settings. Our diversity and fluency in material design and fabrication enables you to create your perfect bathroom in unmatched uniqueness and detail.

Concrete in the Kitchen

Don't let creating your kitchen turn into picking one out of a book: your space does not have to be mundane, pre-made commodity. Let your spaces match your imagination.

Concrete Furniture

Typically, concrete furniture has consisted of planters, table tops with steel legs, some simple shaped tables containing glass or wood, front desk surfaces, conference tables, and shelving. Commonly, they take on either ultra modern or very rustic looks.

We at J&M Lifestyles do things just a little bit differently.....

Functional Kitchens Part 1

Function is everything in a kitchen. Doesn't matter how big or small it is if it is not functional for you. Beyond trends and resale, thoughtfulness and functionality. Recently, ( a few months ago,...