Concrete in the Kitchen

Concrete in the Kitchen
Concrete in the Kitchen

Concrete can take any form. You can have illusions of mass, a modern or rustic look, as well as anything in between. There are unlimited textures and colors from which to choose. Don't let creating your kitchen turn into picking one out of a book: your space does not have to be mundane, pre-made commodity. Let your spaces match your imagination.

According to the latest Census Bureau, home improvements account for almost 75 percent of the $198.6 billion American homeowners spend. More than ever, the kitchen is a social gathering place. It needs to be functional yet comfortable, as a lot of time is focused and spent in the kitchen. It is no surprise that the kitchen is an area that is highly updated and remodeled. J&M Lifestyles brings you to the forefront of your own remodeling process, to make your home truly yours.

But why use concrete in your home?

Granite used to be the high end, prestigious material to use, and featured in every new home. The popularity of granite has made it a commodity, and widely manufactured. Recently, granite costs as little as $35 dollars a square foot. The cost, however, may not be coming directly from your pocket.

Granite is mined all over the world; there are mines in the US, India, South America, Africa and Europe, to name a few. Most of the manufacturing of granite (after it is mined), dressing, cutting/sawing, surface grinding, polishing and edge cutting is done overseas using cheaper labor. Concrete is higher in price because all of the finish work (as well as the beginning, forming and the base material of the concrete) comes from local resources. Both are labor intensive processes, but the carbon footprint is significantly less. Some granite is even mined here in the US, shipped overseas and then shipped back as final product because it is cheaper to outsource the labor overseas than it is to do it here and keep the granite local.

We believe that in the green movement, people are becoming more aware and concerned with where their products are originating/traveling to and make a point to fuel their local economies not just because it is beneficial to the locals, but to be environmentally, ecologically and socially responsible. Concrete is local, custom and handmade by local artisans, which makes it a sustainable product in itself, not to mention that our concrete mix uses post consumer waste and recycled aggregates.

Inevitably, the shipping of products back and forth for the purposes of cheap labor will no longer be cost effective in a fuel driven economy. The, "expect more pay less" messages of mass imported items will no longer make sense, and quality and having custom items will supersede the need for disposable type furniture and belongings.

Concrete gives you complete design freedom as well as the knowledge that you are using a green product. Your everyday living can be extraordinary with beautifully designed custom surfaces in your kitchen. Our pioneering use of this material creates thoughtful, useful spaces to fit your lifestyle.