Concrete Saves the Day!

Attached are photos from a project we just finished. We did a complete concrete shower pan and surround complete with ceiling for steam shower. The shower pan is charcoal and has river rocks embedded in the pan to tie in the bathroom floor. We also did the concrete rock door surrounds the tight spaces made it difficult to do any sort of tile borders to finish the edges of the shower surround and the tile border on the wall. We used a gray base concrete with acid staining techniques to tie the vanity into the shower surround. The vanity is concrete with a Celtic knot design on the drop front and we incorporated the family crest. The crest was designed according to historical research done Patrick Gallagher, our resident genealogy expert! Concrete saved the day while trying to buy some time by building the vanity top before the cabinets were in, the cabinet maker made standard kitchen depth cabinets instead of bathroom vanity cabinet. To promptly resolve this issue without making a new cabinet or a new vanity top, we made a backsplash with a rolled face to make up for the difference of space and it ended up being a much nicer design adding to the overall look of the bathroom.

Also attached in the same house is the boy's bathroom vanity. Great use of fiber optics for nighttime lighting. Since there was not a lot of surface space (although from the picture they used the most of it!) we made a stainless steel bridge that slides across the opening of the sink for added space.