Gallery: Food Service Bar First and Famous

This is one of our most famous countertops, it has been published all over the world! This outdoor Food Service Bar is unique for its amalgamated glowing rock as part of the countertop. Also noteworthy for being the first concrete countertop produced by JM Lifestyles. These custom counter tops were created to capture as much awe and inspiration as the One hundred and twenty foot (120ft) rock feature they were home to. The Swim up bar has hand plasma cut steel fish skeletons, hand contoured and polished to add a nautical but playful theme to the space. The crushed granite and Iron Pyrite (Fools gold) create a durable surface that when ground allows for the contours of the skeleton to be felt as you run your hand across the surface. The Geodic Translucent concrete is another JM Lifestyles original surface and was created for this project to capture the attention of party goers in this Tropical oasis. The shapes and color changing hues mesmerize the guests as they gather at the Food Service Bar.

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