Architectural Accents & Specialties

Our engineered composites are perfectly applied for use as architectural finishes, columns, facades, design projects, and signage. These practical and diverse applications give your home or business an orignal and unique look.

We Redefine custom

This boat house on a lake has many special touches. These corbels are hand carved molded and cast GFRC (Fiber Reinforced) concrete. They are 5'x18".

Pre Fabricated Columns and Architectural Details

We have a patent on a mold system for monolithic columns. We are looking for a manufacturing partner for this system as we are busy manufacturing other products and looking for a partner to focus on this great product line.

Custom Pavers

Hester Street Collaborative creates community in all their projects. This project was for the Sara Delano Roosevelt (SDR) Park on the Lower East Side of Manhattan. The children of the community made mosaics in the pavers and incorporated it into the park. An awesome personalized touch that made the children part of the design process of the public place. This is a perfect application of concrete, concrete is a custom locally made product so there are many opportunities in the design process to personalize anything!

Concrete Limestone Architectural Details

Concrete to look like limestone wrapped the entranceway of this beautiful home in New Vernon.

Details on the Lake

This custom home built on a Lake in NJ has some special concrete details. Concrete Bluestone (Chromastone) hot tub surround that lifts to access the power and water supply. Also custom corbels carved and molded by JM Lifestyles.

Kuche Cucina NJ Showroom

JM Lifestyles created this beautiful display in Kuche Cucina. Front desk and television surrounds include signage, custom textured panels designed by Interlam and fabricated by JM Lifestyles

Custom Egress Lighting

These custom concrete rocks were fabricated with fiber optics, then embedded to create egress lighting for a staircase in custom home.

More Retail Facades

GFRC (Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete) is a perfect material for exterior and interior facades. This one pictured is a restaurant in NY that incorporates lighting and signage! Awesome application

Entry Columns

We made these entry columns "custom" for a home in Chappaqua, NY. Made of GFRC (Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete) there is a structural steel support and the Concrete wraps the steel support.

Candles Holders

This unique application for concrete was spawn from our visits to NYC restaurants where they put candles in voids in the brick walls. This is a creative way to replicate that appealing ambiance. Agate slices and hand cut steel plate adorn the face of these concrete blocks allowing light to shine through.

Decorative concrete for any environment.

Planters, various shapes, colors, and textures.

We Redefine custom

This boat house on a lake has many special touches. These corbels are hand carved molded and cast GFRC (Fiber Reinforced) concrete. They are 5'x18".

Mr. Darwin's evolutionary Kitchen

The tops were created to capture a turn of the century time frame. The feel is the naturalist movement during the time of Darwin. The tops are individual sections of stone carved out of the earth and connected with Japanese joinery, giving the illusion of being held together with the integrally cast bronze embed pins.