At JM Lifestyles, we think of a bar as a piece for people to gather around. Whether the 'bar' is in your home or a restaurant, it's a structure for people to make introductions, pause for reflection, or make conversation. A bar is created for people to develop and grow a kinship from shared experiences within these spaces. We make them in Real Concrete. Woodform concrete and specialty Metallic Finishes.


We love this bar at our local favorite spot

Louis Bossi Bar

to look like Zinc Bar

Commercial Bars

Bars are a great place for Concrete

Woodform Concrete Bar

Sports Bar

Hashi restaurant in NYC

This upscale New York hotspot has a small, balanced bar that compliments the extended use of our creme concrete, then, surrounded by these WoodForm concrete® panels. The face panels on the bar offer a durable surface that balances color and texture. The drink rail is completely functional and very easily maintained. Simplicity and form define this bar.

Gray on Gray Bar

Woodform Bar

Whale Wet Bar

Upper and Lower Bars

M Bar


Home recreational Spaces

This home entertainment area features a concrete countertop with glowing optics in the top that change colors!

Residential Wine Bar

Swim Up Bar

This swim up bar hosts a custom cut steel fish skeleton inlay. Set in the top so you can feel the ribs of the fish! This was our second created piece, ever!

Driftwood Bar

Original Concrete Bar with Embedded Wine Bucket

Jm won an honorable mention for a Cheng Award with this design! It has an embedded fiber optic wine bucket and a raised area for bottles.

Orale! Jersey City, NJ

Amazing tacos and guacamole, and we made their incredible bar!

Woodform for your residential bar!

Woodform concrete, live edge with bark

Canvas Countertops

Basement Bar

Gloss Woodform Concrete