Concrete Bars

At JM Lifestyles, we think of a bar as a piece for people to gather around. Whether the 'bar' is in your home or a restaurant, it's a structure for people to make introductions, pause for reflection, or make conversation. A bar is created for people to develop and grow a kinship from shared experiences within these spaces. What do you like in a bar?

Home recreational Spaces

This home entertainment area features a concrete countertop with glowing optics in the top that change colors!

Swim Up Bar

This swim up bar hosts a custom cut steel fish skeleton inlay. Set in the top so you can feel the ribs of the fish! This was our second created piece, ever!

Golf Pro's Bar

This bar includes a sand trap sink, bag tags, plus divot forks from all over the world. The antique golf clubs used as the beer taps are a nice touch!

Original Concrete Bar with Embedded Wine Bucket

Jm won an honorable mention for a Cheng Award with this design! It has an embedded fiber optic wine bucket and a raised area for bottles.

Worldly Bar

This bar has many unique features. The concrete bar has a personal coin collection from all over the world. The back bar is also concrete along with the soffit and the curved panel. The front of the bar has custom color inlayed concrete panels with circular embeds that glow!

Fiber Optics

This bar has fiber optics, concrete panels on the front of the bar along with a concrete toe kick

Frozen Fossils

Concrete bar in a home features a custom bar sink and a glowing fish skeleton in translucent concrete.

Residential Bar with Optics

This residential bar features meadows edge and fiber optics

Mountain Lakes Kitchen

Concrete, Steel, and lights! This multi-medium concrete island is an amazing center piece to this beautiful kitchen. Eggplant purple color, deep and rich with LEDs lights embedded in the steel edge. This piece is topped with textured purple glass and embedded with custom square tiles created by JM Lifestyles craftsmen. A one-of-a-kind piece!

Commercial Food Service Area

This food service area is in the waiting area in a car dealership. Concrete is a unique surface and can be used commercial spaces and gives a look that isn't ordinarily seen.

Cove Lounge

This Concrete Bar is downstairs at "Cove", an upscale Bronx Lounge. The Bartop has fiber optics that change colors and capture the attention and imagination of the patrons. The ground Mother of Pearl finish hosts a beautiful array of colors and shapes that until the lights go down do not whisper a hint of the lighting spectacle within. The face panels are standard 36' by 36" Inter-lam tiles that create a durable wavy backdrop for a constant wash of colored light.

Concrete Island and bar!

This 5x10 island has hand hammered iron scrolls inlayed in the top, and a honed texture. The basement bar is Woodform concrete® that's wrapped stone with optics!

Outdoor Living

Pool House bar with custom Inlays Celtic details Villa name. Integral beer taps.