Concrete Furniture

Your furniture is the ultimate expression of who you are, describing how you live. When you choose concrete, you're making a bold statement about your vision. The versatility of concrete, particulary WoodForm Concrete®, creates a profound impact and timelessness for the spaces you inhabit. We help you create these personal and authentic pieces of art.

Minimal Kitchen Table

Parson Style Table top is a 36" x 72"x 2 1/2". 3" Steel square tube legs with leveling feet. Shown as Creme finish in our standard gray color.

Marksmen Table

This round table and steel base combination offers a very current design. The client wanted specific aggregates in the concrete that when subtly ground, exposed colors that melded the finished surface into the surrounding colors and textures. The large size of this 72" table is easily supported by the steel base and it's similar in shape to many of the current wood bases available.

Suspension Bridge Desk

JM Lifestyles designed this executive desk, in the form of a suspension bridge.

NYC Unordinary Neutrals

Iron Gate Interiors designed these remarkable concrete pieces. Such unique applications. Concrete and wood entertainment center. We made the concrete table with a specific design inlay.

Composite Design table

This concrete end table is a mixture of poured concrete, fiber reinforced cements, metal, optics and stone.

Concrete Table Ground

This table sits on "U" shape base, and is in one of our standard colors. The table top was ground to expose rocks. You can use anything and embed it in the concrete to personalize your pieces!

Coffee Table

This concrete coffee table is 7" thick and on wheels!

Art Deco Coffee Table

We created this coffee table as an artistic interpretation of the Chrysler building. The architect was William Van Allen. Inspired by my family's connection with this building coupled with a love for art deco and its architecture. The work for this table encompasses not only our ability for incorporating concrete in the composite design, but we used translucent concrete, optics, wood, metal and glass, to capture the aura of the building. A custom piece from the craftsman at JM LIfestyles.

Coffee Table in the Woods

This custom concrete coffee table is an octagon shape with a texture inlayed deer scene. The wood frame work supports a second layer of shelving below the main table.


It doesn't need to be square, or one color, and might look like nothing you have ever seen!

Mansion in May Planting Room

In 2012, JM LIfestyles was hosted in three rooms with Morgan House Interiors. This Papyrus and Haute Bungalow. features a WoodForm concrete® Island top. The Kitchen was a huge success as well as our WoodForm concrete® planting table also in our NEW Papyrus Gray color.

Country Kitchen Table

This table consists of a custom fabricated stainless base with copper detailing to match the hood on the other side of the kitchen. The look of wood with the durability of concrete or we like to say Wood without the worry!

WoodForm Concrete® Tables

At JM Lifestyles our WoodForm concrete® can take many forms. It's our signature and we can create your perfect piece of furniture. WoodForm Concrete® makes a wonderful accent to every home.

Custom Egress Lighting

These custom concrete rocks were fabricated with fiber optics, then embedded to create egress lighting for a staircase in custom home.

WoodForm Concrete® Table with a concrete base

This is one of our favorite pieces! A WoodForm Concrete® round table top and with a solid concrete base.

Concrete Console

This concrete console was designed by Kenneth Davis. It's a split face limestone edge with the same texture on the sides of the base. Beautiful mix of textures. Off white with pearl in the finish. A replica can be seen in our showroom!

A Breakfast Nook

This is a 3" thick concrete table in our creme finish. It sits on one of our standard concrete bases. The perfect piece for your breakfast nook, don't you think?

Concrete Table Ground

This table sits on "U" shape base, and is in one of our standard colors. The table top was ground to expose rocks. You can use anything and embed it in the concrete to personalize your pieces!

Coffee Table

This concrete coffee table is 7" thick and on wheels!

Hashi restaurant in NYC

This upscale New York hotspot has a small, balanced bar that compliments the extended use of our creme concrete, then, surrounded by these WoodForm concrete® panels. The face panels on the bar offer a durable surface that balances color and texture. The drink rail is completely functional and very easily maintained. Simplicity and form define this bar.

The Coffee Bean

We made these custom concrete tables for the Coffee Bean. Concrete has a durability that lasts when used in a retail space. And concrete is a great way to personalize your brand! Great idea for any company!

The Chakra Salon and Spa

We created this unique front desk for the awesome Chakra salon and spa. Located in Asbury Park NJ, this desk faces the sidewalk and the optics and signage attract the large amount of people passing by on foot!

Golf Pro's Bar

This bar includes a sand trap sink, bag tags, plus divot forks from all over the world. The antique golf clubs used as the beer taps are a nice touch!

Mediterranean Pool House WoodForm concrete®

This pool house has concrete countertops in the kitchen as well as a WoodForm concrete® table overlooking their gorgeous pool! This WoodForm concrete® piece has a 4" Live Edge with Bark. In our standard Driftwood finish.

Faux Bois Table Base

This table base was inspired by an actual wood drift wood base. The wood base was too small to support the 72" round glass, so we created an 'organic' concrete base to look like wood. This table was made for a wine room so we created one of the branches to hold a wine bottle under the table top!