Concrete is a wonderful medium for use in your bathroom. Our specialty happens to be vanities, but our experience has found that bathroom spaces can be oriented without any boundaries, an oasis of free-floating space, if you will. So what are you waiting for? Let's create!

Roccos Tacos Bathrooms

Master Bathroom

Concrete vanity

Gloss Vanity that floats

Smooth Bathrooms

Woodform Tub

Woodform Ledge and CONCRETE hammered bowl

Double Ramp Woodform

Modern Vanity

Kids Bathroom Double Sinks

Triple sink Real Concrete

Jack Jill and Jo sink

Wave Sink Vanity

Woodform Wave Sink

Concrete Vanity and ledge

Tribeca Vanity

A modern and sleek Tribeca vanity

Black Vanity with Dragon Faucet

Residential bathroom design by Z+ Architects

This double Vanity is a creme texture in a cool modern canvas color complete with concrete drawers. This one photo captures this modern space perfectly!

Rustic Bathroom design

Our Tribeca sink with custom made base

Industrial Farm House Bath

This bathroom looks like a lot of different materials, but it is only one, concrete. Woodform concrete® wraps corrugate looking metal (which is also concrete) and Coraline Limestone (Concrete). This all comes together to create this unique and functional bathroom. Designed by Rae Designs.

Woodform in the Shower

Concrete to look like wood in an outdoor shower

Tribeca Bathroom

This Bathroom design won the 2011 Best of Show (Cheng Award). It features a large double vanity that spans 8', while being semi-self supported. A supporting leg on one side of the vanity creates a shower wall and shower seat. Storage is incorporated in the overall design by the created niche'. This guarantee's very little wasted space. The one piece tub surround with a matching shower curb gives the illusion of mass in this confined space.

Neutral Sinks

Here are a couple of neutral sinks with unique twists. Notice the unusual edge details and alternative drains, excellent examples of using concrete in a small capacity bathroom space. The concrete doesn't play a major role but instead is used to bring a semblance of materials to the design.

The Rock

Concrete can take any form. This sink was not molded but custom carved sink. Designed by NLM Design.

Pollock Bathroom

Concrete can get as specific as you'd like! This homeowner loved Pollock and wanted to use this red black and white color scheme that created something unlike anything they had ever seen before!

Free Standing Tub

This bathroom features several unique concrete products. A freestanding tub with a coraline limestone finish with a hammered copper texture exterior. This custom bathroom has a double master sink and a separate pedestal sink in the toilet room, both are made completely out of concrete.

Modern Reverse Ramp Sink

This ultra white modern wall hanging reverse ramp sink was designed by a builder for his own home. Water splashing is a function of the water pressure not the shape of the sink. This sink was carefully mocked up so that the faucet hit the ramp at the best angle to reduce splashing. The builder knew that JM's high attention to detail in design would result in an impressive highly functional sink.

Award Winning Bathroom

Peter Salerno designed this beautiful bathroom that won an NKBA award. This bathroom utilizes concrete in many thoughtful ways. There are LED lights under all the ledges in the shower. There are optics in the concrete mantle to highlight the textured tiles enhancing the wave. Custom wave edge detail matches the tiles.

NYC Hotel Sinks

One of the many benefits of concrete is that it is a molded product. We can make any size or shape to make it the most functional while exceeding aesthetic expectations. These small space bathrooms are themed each is different textures, embeds and color. 2 styles are ADA compliant. We also mad matching plumbing shrouds to hide the pipes while matching the themed sink.

Arctic Ice Master Bath

Custom Terazzo tub with blue glass and white marble chips. The tub was custom made to the owner's body shape. We templates the curve in her back to make the tub just for her. We carried the wave in the tub as a design element throughout the bathroom. The double vanity has a wave (double wave vanity) and the shower walls are seamed with the same wave. The vanity has blue glass tile embed in the edge. The panels have an integral shower niche. We also used concrete for the shower pan and the window ledges, shelves and chair rails.

Origins III

This bathroom was designed around these beautiful fountain heads. Origins is a local chain of French Thai fusion restaurants that serve unique and delicious food. The owners are from Thailand and these fountain heads were brought here from Thailand. The idea was to use them as the faucets. We re machined them to be faucets and embedded the electronic eye in the backsplash. The sink is a reverse bowl ADA compliant.

Montville Inn

Commercial sinks in the Montville Inn. The ladies room has a unique wine bottle embed! Ramp sinks

Marble and Concrete

This hanging concrete vanity utilizes marble tiles in the edge of the sink and on the hanging shelf.

Double Vanity

This double vanity has an integral sink with molded in ledge for movable shelf to maximize trough space while still having surface space. JM fabricated the wood legs as well to complete this great look!

McLoone's Pier House

Bathroom Vanities

Fiber Optics, Bathroom sink and custom Backsplash

Real Concrete Bathroom

double master vanity

Woodform Vanity

6" handhewn Edge on this wave sink vanity

Concrete Vanity and Concrete Cabinet

Real Concrete vanity complete with cabinet and tub surround!

Cast Away Sink

Woodform with very detailed carved sink

Concrete Trough Sink

WoodForm Concrete® Tiles

Woodform Concrete® Tiles used for flooring and shower details.

WoodForm Concrete® Tub

We created this new tub created in our Peruvian Walnut finish. Don't you just love the detail?

Single Wave Vanity

A beautiful vanity for your bathroom.

Castaway Vanity

One of our own in-house vanity designs in WoodForm Concrete®.