Concrete in the Kitchen

Concrete has the ability to portray presence of life within the heart of your home. Whether you choose WoodForm® or a traditional smooth surface. Our craftsman will work to make it yours, your vision for your lifestyle.

Wilmington North Carolina Kitchen

Concrete Island and WoodForm concrete® . The concrete column is matched with a WoodForm concrete® trim. Concrete island embedded with ammonites and a "Hospitality sink" sink with fiber optics. This home is right on the water and the kids bring their beach findings home to be cleaned in the sink.

Memories are made in your kitchen!

This custom island was crafted in our smooth creme finish

Mountain Lakes Kitchen

Concrete, Steel, and lights! This multi-medium concrete island is an amazing center piece to this beautiful kitchen. Eggplant purple color, deep and rich with LEDs lights embedded in the steel edge. This piece is topped with textured purple glass and embedded with custom square tiles created by JM Lifestyles craftsmen. A one-of-a-kind piece!


A custom kitchen build

A Breakfast Nook

This is a 3" thick concrete table in our creme finish. It sits on one of our standard concrete bases. The perfect piece for your breakfast nook, don't you think?

Log Cabin Kitchen

This kitchen has a hand carved rock sink and Woodform™ Concrete Countertops and a hand carved rock island. Very fitting in this refined rustic home.

Hamptons Kitchen

Sleek concrete used in this Hamptons vacation home gives it a very modern feel. These creme countertops are one of our most popular finishes.

Modern Kitchen in Bucks County

This Farm House/transitional modern home boasts a CHENG Best Kitchen award for it's exceptional design by Reinboth & Co.. The islands each one hundred (100) inches long by fifty(50) inches wide, host integral legs. The rear Island has typical waterfall legs with no seams all the way to the ground, while the forward island has a first time ever achieved 'Parsons style' seamless leg support. This entire space is placed upon a pallet of three foot by three foot concrete tiles, measuring approximately twelve hundred square feet. The tiles are large format 3'x3' concrete tiles. The outlets are embedded under the countertops so they aren't seen. Also the temperature control vents are hidden in the moldings.

Mr. Darwin's evolutionary Kitchen

The tops were created to capture a turn of the century time frame. The feel is the naturalist movement during the time of Darwin. The tops are individual sections of stone carved out of the earth and connected with Japanese joinery, giving the illusion of being held together with the integrally cast bronze embed pins.

NYC Loft kitchen countertops

We created the concrete kitchen countertops for this Manhattan loft.

Concrete Island

Honed texture with Cascades edge 2 1/2" thick with a highlighted edge.

Aggregate Island

This concrete gray island is brightened up by amber pieces and marble chips

Functional Kitchen

This kitchen isn't very big but makes the most of its space. This concrete sink was designed with an integral drain pan and cutting board area's. The sink also has a full length backsplash for easy cleaning. We matched it with the spice shelf above the stove and the breakfast bar.

Concrete Island

This concrete island has a "hospitality sink"... you can fill it with ice for parties, put drinks in it or use it as a raw bar.

Color inlay design Concrete Countertops

This concrete countertop has integral color inlays. A JM signature technique that has since been shared with the industry. Winner of the 2008 CHENG Best Decorative Finish!


This countertop's upper surface is Torn-Paper style. The edge is a combination of Splitface Limestone, Roundover, with tile embed corners.

Modern Metallic

Kenneth and Davis designed this home and they decided to use concrete in their kitchen. A great choice especially for the odd shaped oversized island. Did you know that concrete can go much larger spans without seams. This island was 7'x8' x2 1/2" thick.

Mansion in May 2012

Woodform concrete in the kitchen Island

The Main Event

This Kitchen's focal point is the island. Trowelled finish creme with mocha highlights. Embedded hand cut scrolls.

A real cook lives here!

Black Acid Stained concrete farm sink with green and terra-cotta hand troweled perimeter countertops. We added integral drain areas by sink. This Island has a "leather finished" hue and color. It looks like leather. We also matched the perimeters with the top of the fireplace.

Hunting Lodge

This Luxury Hunting Lodge is surrounded by breath taking views of Rural Southwestern New Jersey. These counter tops needed to be apart from the surface options so they could be featured near half million dollar Mesquite cabinetry. The textured and hand acid stained counters lay subtly against the raw tamed grain of the Mesquite and the patterned antique glazed back splash. The Deer Scene that was contained in the hand made copper hood and copper farm sink was reproduced and cast within the upper island bar of the center island.This Hunting lodge featured very unique concrete countertops. Rockface with dupont edge detail, rock as a faucet bridge, 2" rock face lower island, and a custom Deer Scene 7" thick island edge detail. Awesome Kitchen.

Concrete in many area's of your Home

Here we have a brown acid stained concrete countertops with embedded drain areas and Faucet Bridge (area behind the farm sink for the faucet) As an added feature we crafted the hearth area of the existing fireplace.

Lake Mohawk Kitchen

On the island in Lake Mohawk JM designed countertops that married a refined and rustic space. The hand carved rock island has an integral wine chiller that drains into the sink!

Concrete Island and bar!

This 5x10 island has hand hammered iron scrolls inlayed in the top, and a honed texture. The basement bar is Woodform concrete® that's wrapped stone with optics!

Saddle "Blue" River

Custom color concrete gave just enough color to this beautiful white kitchen

Kitchen in the Pool-house!

Terrazzo countertops to match the glass tile backsplash. This is one of the longest islands we've made 4'x14'

WoodForm Concrete® and wood wrapped stone Chatham, NJ

A Transitional Country home carries this rustic WoodForm Concrete® surface. This kitchen design is beautifully accented with another JM signature reclaimed finish.

WoodForm Concrete® Countertops

Notice the exquisite craftsmanship and attention to detail in this WoodForm Concrete® countertop.

Wilmington North Carolina Kitchen

Concrete Island and WoodForm concrete® . The concrete column is matched with a WoodForm concrete® trim. Concrete island embedded with ammonites and a "Hospitality sink" sink with fiber optics. This home is right on the water and the kids bring their beach findings home to be cleaned in the sink.

Home recreational Spaces

This home entertainment area features a concrete countertop with glowing optics in the top that change colors!


A custom kitchen build

WoodForm Concrete® in the kitchen

WoodForm countertop made in our Ogee Edge.

Kuche Cucina NJ Showroom

JM Lifestyles created this beautiful display in Kuche Cucina. Front desk and television surrounds include signage, custom textured panels designed by Interlam and fabricated by JM Lifestyles


It doesn't need to be square, or one color, and might look like nothing you have ever seen!

Frozen Fossils

Concrete bar in a home features a custom bar sink and a glowing fish skeleton in translucent concrete.

Residential Bar with Optics

This residential bar features meadows edge and fiber optics

Our WoodForm Concrete® in Doylestown, PA

This kitchen with JM Lifestyles WoodForm Concrete® was featured on Apartment Therapy. And these countertops are concrete to look like wood. The island has metal clavos that enhance the edge detail. The perimeter tops are all WoodForm concrete®. Check it out here at

WoodForm Concrete® Key Largo, FL

Kitchen Design by Peter Salerno Inc. This amazing kitchen features our WoodForm on the Islands. Notice the 4" Live Bark Edge and the signature leaves.

Living in the rocks!

Concrete Base and tops are used for this outdoor kitchen area. We also built an ice bin in the large outdoor grotto!

Pool House Kitchen II

This pool house features concrete counterops trowel led texture 1 1/2" Ogee edge with integral sink and integrated drain pans. Also a WoodForm™ Concrete table with 4" Live Bark Edge White Washed Walnut.

OutDoor BBQ Tops

OutDoor BBQ countertops

Food Service Bar First and Famous

This is one of our most famous countertops, it has been published all over the world! This outdoor Food Service Bar is unique for its amalgamated glowing rock as part of the countertop. Also noteworthy for being the first concrete countertop produced by JM Lifestyles. These custom counter tops were created to capture as much awe and inspiration as the One hundred and twenty foot (120ft) rock feature they were home to. The Swim up bar has hand plasma cut steel fish skeletons, hand contoured and polished to add a nautical but playful theme to the space. The crushed granite and Iron Pyrite (Fools gold) create a durable surface that when ground allows for the contours of the skeleton to be felt as you run your hand across the surface. The Geodic Translucent concrete is another JM Lifestyles original surface and was created for this project to capture the attention of party goers in this Tropical oasis. The shapes and color changing hues mesmerize the guests as they gather at the Food Service Bar.

All Decked Out!

This NY pent house space with view of the NYC skyline uses concrete countertops for their outdoor kitchen. Details include red color inlay and red glass tiles

WoodForm Concrete® Island with a Hidden Sink

This WoodForm concrete® Island has a Live Bark Edge. Integral bent wood plank sink with a cutting board fit to cover the sink for full usable space on the island

Born in Harding

Made not manufactured, WoodForm concrete®.

Chicago Country Island WoodForm Concrete®

This commission in Chicago allowed JM Lifestyles' to show our attention to detail and the use of local materials. carry out a seamless materials to be transplanted in this mid country Dream Kitchen. We worked within the budget to create a one of a kind work of functional art. The installation perfectly matched the plans and shop drawings supplied by J&M that were created from the cabinet makers CAD drawings. The rough sawn edge is a simple, clean example of a reclaimed walnut plank, without the splitting, staining, or twisting. The addition of hand hammered nails and Iron dovetails add to the illusion of a reclaimed wood island.