JM Lifestyles - One of a kind

Make sure you take a moment to browse these one of a kind products JM has created!

St Martin Fiber Optic Table

One of a kind Kitchen

So many details in this upstate home, take a closer look to see. We only will accept a few completely custom commissions a year, check this one out!

Semper Fi

Grave marker for a fallen marine donated by JM Lifestyles. All concrete with colored inlays.

Worldly Bar

This bar has many unique features. The concrete bar has a personal coin collection from all over the world. The back bar is also concrete along with the soffit and the curved panel. The front of the bar has custom color inlayed concrete panels with circular embeds that glow!

Mountain Lakes Kitchen

Concrete, Steel, and lights! This multi-medium concrete island is an amazing center piece to this beautiful kitchen. Eggplant purple color, deep and rich with LEDs lights embedded in the steel edge. This piece is topped with textured purple glass and embedded with custom square tiles created by JM Lifestyles craftsmen. A one-of-a-kind piece!

Chrysler Building Coffee Table

Beautiful Agate piece so special they made a table around it

Color inlay design Concrete Countertops

This concrete countertop has integral color inlays. A JM signature technique that has since been shared with the industry. Winner of the 2008 CHENG Best Decorative Finish!

Custom Pavers

Hester Street Collaborative creates community in all their projects. This project was for the Sara Delano Roosevelt (SDR) Park on the Lower East Side of Manhattan. The children of the community made mosaics in the pavers and incorporated it into the park. An awesome personalized touch that made the children part of the design process of the public place. This is a perfect application of concrete, concrete is a custom locally made product so there are many opportunities in the design process to personalize anything!


It doesn't need to be square, or one color, and might look like nothing you have ever seen!

Golf Pro's Bar

This bar includes a sand trap sink, bag tags, plus divot forks from all over the world. The antique golf clubs used as the beer taps are a nice touch!

Original Concrete Bar with Embedded Wine Bucket

Jm won an honorable mention for a Cheng Award with this design! It has an embedded fiber optic wine bucket and a raised area for bottles.

The Rock

Concrete can take any form. This sink was not molded but custom carved sink. Designed by NLM Design.

Pollock Bathroom

Concrete can get as specific as you'd like! This homeowner loved Pollock and wanted to use this red black and white color scheme that created something unlike anything they had ever seen before!

English Colonial Master Bathroom

This master bathroom features a large concrete trough sink with the family's family crest and celtic decorative detail. Honed finish. They took concrete into the shower and used it for their shower pan with embedded river rocks, one piece shower seat/step and wall panels with integral concrete niches. They also used concrete faux rocks as architectural details to surround the outside of the shower and doorway and window wraps.

Hunting Lodge Sink

This sink illustrates just how unique and personalized we can get with concrete. We made it for a private hunting lodge. The trout are custom carved by J&M. By far one of our most unique concrete creations.

Memories are made in your kitchen!

This custom island was crafted in our smooth creme finish

Hunting Lodge

This Luxury Hunting Lodge is surrounded by breath taking views of Rural Southwestern New Jersey. These counter tops needed to be apart from the surface options so they could be featured near half million dollar Mesquite cabinetry. The textured and hand acid stained counters lay subtly against the raw tamed grain of the Mesquite and the patterned antique glazed back splash. The Deer Scene that was contained in the hand made copper hood and copper farm sink was reproduced and cast within the upper island bar of the center island.This Hunting lodge featured very unique concrete countertops. Rockface with dupont edge detail, rock as a faucet bridge, 2" rock face lower island, and a custom Deer Scene 7" thick island edge detail. Awesome Kitchen.

Mr. Darwin's evolutionary Kitchen

The tops were created to capture a turn of the century time frame. The feel is the naturalist movement during the time of Darwin. The tops are individual sections of stone carved out of the earth and connected with Japanese joinery, giving the illusion of being held together with the integrally cast bronze embed pins.