Nostalgia- oldies but goodies

Some of our very first pieces

Color inlay design Concrete Countertops

This concrete countertop has integral color inlays. A JM signature technique that has since been shared with the industry. Winner of the 2008 CHENG Best Decorative Finish!

The Tanzy Restaurant in Boca Raton, FL

Karen Hanlon Design uses WoodForm concrete® for the Tanzy Restaurant in Boca Raton, FL

Wilmington North Carolina Kitchen

Concrete Island and WoodForm concrete® . The concrete column is matched with a WoodForm concrete® trim. Concrete island embedded with ammonites and a "Hospitality sink" sink with fiber optics. This home is right on the water and the kids bring their beach findings home to be cleaned in the sink.

WoodForm Concrete® Shower

All the molding pieces for this shower, along with the ceiling are WoodForm concrete®. JM Lifestyles' signature is WoodForm®. The finish is very simple to maintain and care for.


A custom kitchen build

Custom Table Installation.

A crane off-loads a new custom table.

Mediterranean Pool House WoodForm concrete®

This pool house has concrete countertops in the kitchen as well as a WoodForm concrete® table overlooking their gorgeous pool! This WoodForm concrete® piece has a 4" Live Edge with Bark. In our standard Driftwood finish.

Kuche Cucina NJ Showroom

JM Lifestyles created this beautiful display in Kuche Cucina. Front desk and television surrounds include signage, custom textured panels designed by Interlam and fabricated by JM Lifestyles

NYC Unordinary Neutrals

Iron Gate Interiors designed these remarkable concrete pieces. Such unique applications. Concrete and wood entertainment center. We made the concrete table with a specific design inlay.

Muse Planter

This custom planter is what is possible with concrete indoors and out with good design. These are very functional planters and were used outdoors in front of the Muse Hotel, NYC. Shown in a custom charcoal finish our Fiber reinforced Modified Cements will outlast other materials outdoors.

Composite Design table

This concrete end table is a mixture of poured concrete, fiber reinforced cements, metal, optics and stone.

Concrete Table Ground

This table sits on "U" shape base, and is in one of our standard colors. The table top was ground to expose rocks. You can use anything and embed it in the concrete to personalize your pieces!

Coffee Table in the Woods

This custom concrete coffee table is an octagon shape with a texture inlayed deer scene. The wood frame work supports a second layer of shelving below the main table.

Commercial Food Service Area

This food service area is in the waiting area in a car dealership. Concrete is a unique surface and can be used commercial spaces and gives a look that isn't ordinarily seen.

Golf Pro's Bar

This bar includes a sand trap sink, bag tags, plus divot forks from all over the world. The antique golf clubs used as the beer taps are a nice touch!

Wine Bottle Faucet

We created a custom sink for a small space powder room. Using WoodForm concrete® for the base we carved the family's initials in the 'wood'. We also used a wine bottle for the faucet!

Concrete Drawers

This concrete vanity top is simple and sleek. They incorporated concrete drawer faces to bring together this great look

Pool House Bathroom

This pool house vanity is simple and efficient using a material that is unordinary.

Modern Spa Master Bath

This bathroom features a long wall hanging double vanity with integral concrete drawers. One piece tub surround that also functions as a shower seat and one piece concrete shower pan. Concrete shower pans are highly functional as they are one piece molded any shape and size and will never leak. (unless you break them apart!)

Papasito Restaurant

WoodForm concrete® is becoming very popular for use in any type of space. This is a commercial bathroom sink in NYC using WoodForm concrete® .

All Concrete Vanity

This concrete vanity has an integral concrete trough sink with a molded in ledge to support a moving shelf. Great to maximize a large sink and still maintain surface space. This vanity has concrete legs for support. Note the matching concrete shelf above sink and the concrete shower pan.

English Colonial Master Bathroom

This master bathroom features a large concrete trough sink with the family's family crest and celtic decorative detail. Honed finish. They took concrete into the shower and used it for their shower pan with embedded river rocks, one piece shower seat/step and wall panels with integral concrete niches. They also used concrete faux rocks as architectural details to surround the outside of the shower and doorway and window wraps.

Moroccan Master Bath House

This Princeton master bathroom is part of a much larger effort. Antiquities were collected from all over the world and used in the whole house to create one of the most unique conglomerates we have ever worked with. Reinboth & Company was the designers and they really brought together this unique collection! We custom matched this cobalt blue for the tub and tiles that were the base for the hand painted Moroccan tiles that were featured in this bathroom.

Infinity Drain Ramp Sink

Standard Ramp sink with infinity drain (slit drain) This drain style can be incorporated into any of our sink styles.

Long Island Master Bath

This master bathroom features custom color Coraline Limestone with glass tile embeds in the vanity face with concrete drawer faces. We used the same design for chair rails. One piece tub surround with integral shower seat

Hoboken Master Bath

This Ultra White master bath features our Shallow Tray Sink with square drain with stainless steel plate. One piece tub surround. J&M made all the custom polished chrome plated brass hardware including faucets and housing for this entire bathroom!

Vessel Sink...or not

This sink shape can also be used as an integral sink. Shown in this gallery is a concrete vessel sink 8" thick on top of a floating concrete countertop with integral concrete drawers. There is a concrete support leg that also goes into the shower. Great guest bathroom statement piece!

Small Spaces Sink

This small spaces sink was originally made for a Brooklyn Bathroom. This vanity has a 12" drop front. It has been utilized many times since for lots of city and other small space bathrooms

Small Spaces Sink II

This custom made bathroom sink we built for a home that had no bathroom on the second floor. In the renovation the homeowner couldn't find a sink that fit, they went 2 years with no sink, until they met us. We designed this sink to fit the tight space on the wall and to fit the door swing. We added an integral towel bar and shelf.

Great for night lights!-Kid's Nightlight bathroom

This concrete vanity is for a kids bathroom. Note the fun color detail. We matched the tile and the fiber optics, then embedded them in the top and the vertical panels. This bathroom was featured on Apartment Therapy, check it out at

Hunting Lodge Sink

This sink illustrates just how unique and personalized we can get with concrete. We made it for a private hunting lodge. The trout are custom carved by J&M. By far one of our most unique concrete creations.

Aggregate Island

This concrete gray island is brightened up by amber pieces and marble chips

Frozen Fossils

Concrete bar in a home features a custom bar sink and a glowing fish skeleton in translucent concrete.

Residential Bar with Optics

This residential bar features meadows edge and fiber optics

A real cook lives here!

Black Acid Stained concrete farm sink with green and terra-cotta hand troweled perimeter countertops. We added integral drain areas by sink. This Island has a "leather finished" hue and color. It looks like leather. We also matched the perimeters with the top of the fireplace.

Jersey City Transformation

Check out the before pictures on the blog this kitchen reached it's awesome potential renovated by our good friends!

Lake Mohawk Kitchen

On the island in Lake Mohawk JM designed countertops that married a refined and rustic space. The hand carved rock island has an integral wine chiller that drains into the sink!

Mansion in May Planting Room

In 2012, JM LIfestyles was hosted in three rooms with Morgan House Interiors. This Papyrus and Haute Bungalow. features a WoodForm concrete® Island top. The Kitchen was a huge success as well as our WoodForm concrete® planting table also in our NEW Papyrus Gray color.

Swim Up Bar

This swim up bar has a custom plasma cut steel fish skeleton inlay. We cut the steel and then embedded it in the concrete. You can feel the ribs of the fish in the concrete. This was our second concrete countertop we ever at JM.

Concrete Island and bar!

This 5x10 island has hand hammered iron scrolls inlayed in the top, and a honed texture. The basement bar is Woodform concrete® that's wrapped stone with optics!

Saddle "Blue" River

Custom color concrete gave just enough color to this beautiful white kitchen

Kitchen in the Pool-house!

Terrazzo countertops to match the glass tile backsplash. This is one of the longest islands we've made 4'x14'

Hamptons BBQ

Concrete is a great option for countertops as well as bases. Concrete bases do not need footings, they can sit on grass, decks, slabs or footings. And it can be any color or texture that we offer.

Pool House Kitchen II

This pool house features concrete counterops trowel led texture 1 1/2" Ogee edge with integral sink and integrated drain pans. Also a WoodForm™ Concrete table with 4" Live Bark Edge White Washed Walnut.

Woodform Tables

The look of wood with the durability of concrete or we like to say Wood without the worry!

Set in Stone...'Wood' WoodForm® Outside

This outdoor BBQ was designed by Bosenberg & Co Landscape Architects. We carved the names of the homeowners children in the mold for a personal family touch!

Toms River BBQ Center

This outdoor BBQ and service area hosts a variety of finishes and elements. The Ten foot BBQ Island consists of the standard footprint outfitted with a 42" grill, access doors, garbage and chopping unit, drawer unit and side burner. It's fastened to the paver deck as a semi-permanent structure. These materials perform better than any other application application on or near the water. Also within this space is a service bar that hosts two WoodForm concrete counter tops. The upper is bolted on the seam lengthwise to wrap the columns, while the lower has a standard integral WoodForm single sink.

WoodForm Concrete® and wood wrapped stone Chatham, NJ

A Transitional Country home carries this rustic WoodForm Concrete® surface. This kitchen design is beautifully accented with another JM signature reclaimed finish.

Bedford BBQ

This large outdoor kitchen was cast in place due to its large size and the client wanting a seamless thick top. This top is in Bedford, NY using rock aggregate found on site. All the rocks in the base are also frond and fabricated on site.

All Decked Out!

This NY pent house space with view of the NYC skyline uses concrete countertops for their outdoor kitchen. Details include red color inlay and red glass tiles

Outdoor Furniture

WoodForm™ can be used in many applications. Outside is very popular especially because it makes more sense to use concrete outside than wood. Here are some outdoor furniture applications of our Chromastone™ and WoodForm™ Concrete together.

Rockscapes and Fountains

Here are a variety of pictures featuring some of our concrete rock work and fountains. The 'rockscapes' were designed and fabricated by in house craftsman. Some of the rockscapes include water slides, rooms within the caves, swim up bar, food service bar, interior bathroom with shower and jacuzzi.

St. Augustine Fireplace

This standard fireplace surround offers the greatest diversity in fitting most any size firebox. The wrap can stand alone or be set with a mantle and/or hearth. This fireplace can be any color and texture.

Hate your Brick Fireplace?

One of our clients designed this duel-full wall wrap fireplace. This fireplace used to be just common brick, the designer came up with this innovative solution using concrete. She wrapped the existing brick with our material. Concrete only doesn't need to be thick so it becomes a practical and decorative solution for your ideas. This wrap around is only 3/4 inch think, making it very moldable.

Worldly Bar

This bar has many unique features. The concrete bar has a personal coin collection from all over the world. The back bar is also concrete along with the soffit and the curved panel. The front of the bar has custom color inlayed concrete panels with circular embeds that glow!

Hoboken Master Bath

This Ultra White master bath features our Shallow Tray Sink with square drain with stainless steel plate. One piece tub surround. J&M made all the custom polished chrome plated brass hardware including faucets and housing for this entire bathroom!