Outdoor Living

JM Lifestyles has assembeled a full line of outdoor living products from firepits and full kitchens to swim-up bars and more. You can choose a standard outdoor foundation or we are happy to customize, creating your perfect outdoor environment. 

St. Martin Outdoor Table

Lava streaked fiber optic strands gives this table a flare of the islands.

Outdoor Fire Pit

Our creme bowl fire pit comes complete with a lid

Decorative concrete for any environment.

Planters, various shapes, colors, and textures.

Roof Top Oasis J&M BBQ Foundation

This private roof top garden was the perfect location for a JM BBQ Foundation. The composite is very lightweight, making it the perfect to mount on this IPE deck. The integral sink, 42" Wolf Grill, and Sub Zero refrigerator make this a full outdoor oasis. Notice the serving table, it's WoodForm Concrete® also.

Hamptons BBQ

Concrete is a great option for countertops as well as bases. Concrete bases do not need footings, they can sit on grass, decks, slabs or footings. And it can be any color or texture that we offer.

Swim Up Bar

This swim up bar has a custom plasma cut steel fish skeleton inlay. We cut the steel and then embedded it in the concrete. You can feel the ribs of the fish in the concrete. This was our second concrete countertop we ever at JM.

OutDoor Living Foundation

This custom concrete BBQ has an integral concrete rock fire pit in the main service space. A concrete rock table base and WoodForm concrete® countertops.

Living in the rocks!

Concrete Base and tops are used for this outdoor kitchen area. We also built an ice bin in the large outdoor grotto!

Pool House Kitchen II

This pool house features concrete counterops trowel led texture 1 1/2" Ogee edge with integral sink and integrated drain pans. Also a WoodForm™ Concrete table with 4" Live Bark Edge White Washed Walnut.

Levels of a Chatham Backyard

This is a massive WoodForm concrete® BBQ top project. And was commissioned to replace the cracked granite that existed. These custom colored WoodForm concrete® tops allowed for a 50" x 130" seamless top to be the focal point of the pool BBQ and the small refined practical Kitchen side BBQ was fitted with a grill side towel bar. The tops were created to match the stone work in the base. Notice how this 'wood' doesn't absorb water!l The perfect addition to a home that has it all.

Food Service Bar First and Famous

This is one of our most famous countertops, it has been published all over the world! This outdoor Food Service Bar is unique for its amalgamated glowing rock as part of the countertop. Also noteworthy for being the first concrete countertop produced by JM Lifestyles. These custom counter tops were created to capture as much awe and inspiration as the One hundred and twenty foot (120ft) rock feature they were home to. The Swim up bar has hand plasma cut steel fish skeletons, hand contoured and polished to add a nautical but playful theme to the space. The crushed granite and Iron Pyrite (Fools gold) create a durable surface that when ground allows for the contours of the skeleton to be felt as you run your hand across the surface. The Geodic Translucent concrete is another JM Lifestyles original surface and was created for this project to capture the attention of party goers in this Tropical oasis. The shapes and color changing hues mesmerize the guests as they gather at the Food Service Bar.

Toms River BBQ Center

This outdoor BBQ and service area hosts a variety of finishes and elements. The Ten foot BBQ Island consists of the standard footprint outfitted with a 42" grill, access doors, garbage and chopping unit, drawer unit and side burner. It's fastened to the paver deck as a semi-permanent structure. These materials perform better than any other application application on or near the water. Also within this space is a service bar that hosts two WoodForm concrete counter tops. The upper is bolted on the seam lengthwise to wrap the columns, while the lower has a standard integral WoodForm single sink.

Bedford BBQ

This large outdoor kitchen was cast in place due to its large size and the client wanting a seamless thick top. This top is in Bedford, NY using rock aggregate found on site. All the rocks in the base are also frond and fabricated on site.

All Decked Out!

This NY pent house space with view of the NYC skyline uses concrete countertops for their outdoor kitchen. Details include red color inlay and red glass tiles

Outdoor Living

Pool House bar with custom Inlays Celtic details Villa name. Integral beer taps.

By the Beach

Here are a few different orientations of outdoor BBQ tops and bases, concrete bases, and bases with facades. Outdoor tables and fire pits in this gallery as well.

WoodForm Concrete® Firetable

Eye catching, unique, and unexpected, this WoodForm Concrete® table is a great addition to your home.

Rockscapes and Fountains

Here are a variety of pictures featuring some of our concrete rock work and fountains. The 'rockscapes' were designed and fabricated by in house craftsman. Some of the rockscapes include water slides, rooms within the caves, swim up bar, food service bar, interior bathroom with shower and jacuzzi.

Fountain in Princeton, NJ

This concrete water feature matches the outdoor fire feature. Our concrete can match any color or texture.

Pre Fabricated Columns and Architectural Details

We have a patent on a mold system for monolithic columns. We are looking for a manufacturing partner for this system as we are busy manufacturing other products and looking for a partner to focus on this great product line.

Details on the Lake

This custom home built on a Lake in NJ has some special concrete details. Concrete Bluestone (Chromastone) hot tub surround that lifts to access the power and water supply. Also custom corbels carved and molded by JM Lifestyles.

Muse Planter

This custom planter is what is possible with concrete indoors and out with good design. These are very functional planters and were used outdoors in front of the Muse Hotel, NYC. Shown in a custom charcoal finish our Fiber reinforced Modified Cements will outlast other materials outdoors.

Swim Up Bar

This swim up bar hosts a custom cut steel fish skeleton inlay. Set in the top so you can feel the ribs of the fish! This was our second created piece, ever!

Set in Stone...'Wood' WoodForm® Outside

This outdoor BBQ was designed by Bosenberg & Co Landscape Architects. We carved the names of the homeowners children in the mold for a personal family touch!