Real Concrete (Smooth Concrete)

JM Lifestyles is the inventor of Woodform Concrete, but we are also known for our smooth concrete as well.  We call in Real Concrete and can create any piece in this finish.  

Concrete in the raw

Real Concrete Kitchens

Concrete can go longer spans without seams and a great option for kitchen countertops and large islands. Architect RS Mannino, Designer Kara Theresa and Photo by Iris Bachman

Extraordinary Kitchen on the Water

Boardformed Concrete Wall, Real Concrete Waterfall leg countertops and Woodform Shelves and Slab

Mendham Kitchen

This kitchen has beautiful Real Concrete perimeter tops with a functional kitchen sink and plant ledge

All the Art! ... and Real Concrete

Real Concrete is the perfect to highlight some of the beautiful artwork displayed in this kitchen!

Real Concrete Bathroom

double master vanity

Kitchen Islands

Colorful Cabinetry

Rustic Kitchen with Smooth Perimeters

NYC Kitchen Real Concrete

not only concrete countertops but also concrete cabinets, so cool!!!!

Concrete Vanity and Concrete Cabinet

Real Concrete vanity complete with cabinet and tub surround!

Concrete Trough Sink

Bringing the outside in

Love these windows that allow for the outdoor bar top to be connected to the inside and all the Chic Rustic elements of this space

Living Room Accents

Smooth concrete with Meadow's Edge

Canvas Countertops

Amazing Kitchen Table

Love this white table and custom table base

Hamptons Kitchen

Sleek concrete used in this Hamptons vacation home gives it a very modern feel. These creme countertops are one of our most popular finishes.

Master Bathroom

Concrete vanity

Modern Fireplace

Smooth Bathrooms

Modern Kitchen Countertops with Concrete base

Kitchen Table with Rock Edge

Modern Kitchen in Bucks County

This Farm House/transitional modern home boasts a CHENG Best Kitchen award for it's exceptional design by Reinboth & Co.. The islands each one hundred (100) inches long by fifty(50) inches wide, host integral legs. The rear Island has typical waterfall legs with no seams all the way to the ground, while the forward island has a first time ever achieved 'Parsons style' seamless leg support. This entire space is placed upon a pallet of three foot by three foot concrete tiles, measuring approximately twelve hundred square feet. The tiles are large format 3'x3' concrete tiles. The outlets are embedded under the countertops so they aren't seen. Also the temperature control vents are hidden in the moldings.

Concrete Hutch

Modern Vanity

Kids Bathroom Double Sinks

Triple sink Real Concrete

Jack Jill and Jo sink

Metallic and texture

Kitchen countertops with texture and metallics

Whale Wet Bar

Lukas and Berube Healthy Pets

Healthy, sustainable and local using healthy sustainable and local materials!

Concrete Vanity and ledge

Kitchen Sinks

Upper and Lower Bars

The biggest SMOOTH island we've ever made

72 sq ft island 8'x9' we had to build the island and put it in the new construction in Short Hills, NJ before the walls of the residence was built.

Bringing the outside in

Love these windows that allow for the outdoor bar top to be connected to the inside and all the Chic Rustic elements of this space

Terrazzo white

Tribeca Vanity

A modern and sleek Tribeca vanity

Coffee Table

Black Vanity with Dragon Faucet

Rustic Bathroom design

Our Tribeca sink with custom made base

Residential Wine Bar

Fiber optics used in these bars!

Here is a selection of different concrete bars. All of them have fiber optic in the bar.

Functional Kitchen

This kitchen isn't very big but makes the most of its space. This concrete sink was designed with an integral drain pan and cutting board area's. The sink also has a full length backsplash for easy cleaning. We matched it with the spice shelf above the stove and the breakfast bar.