Commercial Projects

This section showcases our concrete design for commercial spaces. See how JM Lifestyles brings a unique flare to the public places you visit all over the world.

SquareSpace Rooftop

Outdoor Furniture for Rooftops and hospitality/office spaces


Waterfall Leg Desks

Under Armour Retail Stores

Orale! Jersey City, NJ

Amazing tacos and guacamole, and we made their incredible bar!

Restaurant Tables

Frye Boots

Flagship Store Manhattan all concrete displays for shoes by JM

L'Occitane Flag Ship Store

5th Ave New York, NY

And sometimes we have to pour on site

West Elm HQ

Commercial Conference Tables

conference tables and coffee tables

Office Furniture Woodform

Professional Desk


GRK Fresh

Tables and counter displays for GRK Fresh chains

McLoone's Pier House

Bathroom Vanities

Fiber Optics, Bathroom sink and custom Backsplash

Lukas and Berube Healthy Pets

Healthy, sustainable and local using healthy sustainable and local materials!

Selfridges department store, London, England

Selfridges department store in London is one of hte most respected stores in the world. They have seven rooms of shoes. JM Lifestyles was contracted to fabricate the intricate display tables, that are only 5/8-3/4" thick. The design and fabrication challenges were of exacting tolerances. The table sections were as large as 10'x7' being assembled on site to make complete displays of over 20' long. All seams dimension tolerances no greater than 1mm. All edges finished at 5/8" thick, the overall thickness never exceeded 3/4" for weight purposes. Our craftsman did this custom job for a one of a kind display! Selfridges is a one of a kind department store!

Meet me in my Office


Fireplace and Wall

Mohawk House Woodform Outdoor Bar

Woodform outdoor bar

Food Service Bar First and Famous

This is one of our most famous countertops, it has been published all over the world! This outdoor Food Service Bar is unique for its amalgamated glowing rock as part of the countertop. Also noteworthy for being the first concrete countertop produced by JM Lifestyles. These custom counter tops were created to capture as much awe and inspiration as the One hundred and twenty foot (120ft) rock feature they were home to. The Swim up bar has hand plasma cut steel fish skeletons, hand contoured and polished to add a nautical but playful theme to the space. The crushed granite and Iron Pyrite (Fools gold) create a durable surface that when ground allows for the contours of the skeleton to be felt as you run your hand across the surface. The Geodic Translucent concrete is another JM Lifestyles original surface and was created for this project to capture the attention of party goers in this Tropical oasis. The shapes and color changing hues mesmerize the guests as they gather at the Food Service Bar.

Pupcakes and Pawstries

Woodform Displays

Fiber optics used in these bars!

Here is a selection of different concrete bars. All of them have fiber optic in the bar.

The Chakra Salon and Spa

We created this unique front desk for the awesome Chakra salon and spa. Located in Asbury Park NJ, this desk faces the sidewalk and the optics and signage attract the large amount of people passing by on foot!

The Coffee Bean

We made these custom concrete tables for the Coffee Bean. Concrete has a durability that lasts when used in a retail space. And concrete is a great way to personalize your brand! Great idea for any company!


We love this bar at our local favorite spot

Louis Bossi Bar

to look like Zinc Bar

Roccos Tacos Bathrooms

St Martin Fiber Optic Table

Medidata Lobby

Architectural Concrete Panels and Tiles for Living Wall

Commercial Bars

Bars are a great place for Concrete

St. Martin Outdoor Table

Lava streaked fiber optic strands gives this table a flare of the islands.

Woodform Concrete Bar

Sports Bar

Hashi restaurant in NYC

This upscale New York hotspot has a small, balanced bar that compliments the extended use of our creme concrete, then, surrounded by these WoodForm concrete® panels. The face panels on the bar offer a durable surface that balances color and texture. The drink rail is completely functional and very easily maintained. Simplicity and form define this bar.

Woodform Firepits

Outdoor living space including Woodform Firepit!

Concrete Console

This concrete console was designed by Kenneth Davis. It's a split face limestone edge with the same texture on the sides of the base. Beautiful mix of textures. Off white with pearl in the finish. A replica can be seen in our showroom!

Art Deco Coffee Table

We created this coffee table as an artistic interpretation of the Chrysler building. The architect was William Van Allen. Inspired by my family's connection with this building coupled with a love for art deco and its architecture. The work for this table encompasses not only our ability for incorporating concrete in the composite design, but we used translucent concrete, optics, wood, metal and glass, to capture the aura of the building. A custom piece from the craftsman at JM LIfestyles.

NYC Hotel Sinks

One of the many benefits of concrete is that it is a molded product. We can make any size or shape to make it the most functional while exceeding aesthetic expectations. These small space bathrooms are themed each is different textures, embeds and color. 2 styles are ADA compliant. We also mad matching plumbing shrouds to hide the pipes while matching the themed sink.

Origins III

This bathroom was designed around these beautiful fountain heads. Origins is a local chain of French Thai fusion restaurants that serve unique and delicious food. The owners are from Thailand and these fountain heads were brought here from Thailand. The idea was to use them as the faucets. We re machined them to be faucets and embedded the electronic eye in the backsplash. The sink is a reverse bowl ADA compliant.

Montville Inn

Commercial sinks in the Montville Inn. The ladies room has a unique wine bottle embed! Ramp sinks

Wine Tasting Room in Harding NJ

This room was designed by Sage Designs. It's a 5'x12' WoodForm concrete® table in Papypus finish, with 4" Live Bark Edge detail. Concrete countertops with custom farm sinks are against the wall. Photography by Andrew Pitzer