How Contractors Can Make Money By Going Green

If you’re a contractor considering making the switch to using cleaner products and materials in your work, consider investing in our product: Woodform Concrete. For any kitchen job, our Woodform Concrete continues to reign superior over either real wood or concrete. Mixing the durability of concrete with the aesthetic appeal of wood makes for a product that can be used in any situation with no issue – do you have a sink you’re looking to refinish? Woodform Concrete saves the day. Because of its immunity to liquid damage, it makes the perfect material for refinishing any countertop that will be heavily exposed to water (a kitchen sink being the prime example). In addition, the versatility of Woodform Concrete makes it fantastic for using near and around heat. Woodform Concrete isn’t susceptible to heat damage, either. This means that it can be utilized rather effectively around a stovetop or even as the mantle for your fireplace! However, the most visually appealing aspect of Woodform Concrete lies not within its ability to be used in any scenario for any purpose, but within its homely look and feel. Because Woodform Concrete is just as durable as true concrete while having the same appearance and texture of real wood, any contractor interested in saving money and offering more customizable surface options to their customers should invest in our Woodform Concrete. 

But, that’s not all. In addition to being extremely durable, versatile, and generally functional in any situation, our Woodform Concrete is also good for the environment. The “wood” that withstands can deal with any mess – it will not split, rot, crack, degrade, or burn – guaranteed. Our custom-designed and water-based finish ensures Woodform Concrete’s immunity to stains – grease wipes right off Woodform countertops with no hassle. We even rate our product for outdoor use because of its impermeability to pouring rain, sleet, snow, and hail; conversely, our product protects itself against the accruement of heat damage from its sustained, long-term exposure to the Sun. However, one of the most important things about our product is its environmental sustainability, and we’re proud to call our Woodform Concrete a sustainable material. Because we set out to create an environmentally sustainable and durable product made from 50% post-consumer recycled content and needing very little waste creation in order to be constructed, the resulting Woodform Concrete is both the most environmentally sustainable and simultaneously versatile material on the contracting market today – and with cheaper prices being offered in bulk, there’s no reason not to invest in our product today. 

By reducing the amount of real wood and concrete needed to build materials, our product is meant to serve as a replacement for both of these environmentally impactful items. By doing so, and making use of synthetic, environmentally friendly materials for the creation of Woodform Concrete instead, our company is proud to take the right steps towards environmental preservation and sustainability. However, what else can it mean for your contracting business to go green? Well, it can lead to a lot of extra money going directly into your pocket for the same amount of work you were doing before – a little known fact surrounding environmentally sustainable products is that you can charge your customers a fee for using them instead of cheaper or less environmentally friendly alternatives. 

Environmentally sustainable products, such as our prized Woodform Concrete, sand, regular wood, and stone, are all products that can be used at an extra cost to the consumer with no additional work coming from you. Being the environmentally friendly choice will not only leave you with more customers than you know what to do with, but it will also inspire the customer to pay more for your goods and services – the quality of our Woodform Concrete is great enough to warrant a price increase (on their end). This price increase, otherwise known as the premium you charge for your work, can be invoked for any of the qualities making you stand out from your contracting competition. Whether that quality is realized in you offering a different and profound contracting perspective to your clients or by using quality, top of the line materials, being able to charge a premium on your goods and services is a great reason to invest in our most durable, environmentally sustainable, and versatile material yet. 

If you’re a contractor looking to make the switch to environmentally friendly and simultaneously durable products for your continued business, check out the customizability and prices we have to offer. Our Woodform Concrete is cheap, durable, versatile, and environmentally friendly – ensuring that you can do better work with better materials for a better price.