Interior Design Trends for 2021

Interior Design Trends for 2021

When it comes to the decorative status of your home, there should be no compromise. Check out the top interior design trends for 2021 right here. Get living room design ideas, view the most popular interior design trends, and indulge in the wonders of modern design right here!


1.     Nature’s Harmony

Design companies have maintained the relevant status of natural materials in the use of constructing furniture and decorating any living room. Living room design ideas for becoming one with nature include using environmentally friendly materials from our residential interior designers. Milan Design Week’s hottest interior design showcases are given a run for their money thanks to the vibrantly natural look and feel only one of the top interior design trends for 2021 could bring to the table. 

Wood, glass, metal, and stone are still utilized as alternatives to plastic in chairs, tables, shelves, sofas, and more. In addition, synthetically produced fabrics in upholstered furniture or home décor can be replaced with natural fabrics, like switching out polyester for cotton.

Especially popular interior design trends for 2021 utilize unpainted wood surfaces, wicker furniture, potted plants, stone textures, and ceramics.


2.     Ultra Violet Coloring

When it comes to interior design, there has been a historical emphasis on using bright palettes and rich, vibrant colors combined with traditional design elements to create furniture, lamps, and other accessories. A current interior design trend involves casting those preconceived notions of proper interior design and home décor trends to the side in favor of promoting Ultra Violet.

Inspired by the Scandinavian style of home design, the Pantone Color Institute chose Ultra Violet as the main interior design color of 2021! Design trends that inspire living room design ideas all make use of Ultra Violet coloring to bring a complex and dominantly styled look to any room.

While the use of Ultra Violet is unlikely to become widespread, as one of the top interior design trends for 2021 you should consider styling your living room or kitchen with the bold look of Ultra Violet. Other traditional and classic design elements that go with the use of Ultra Violet include these color recommendations from our residential interior designers: honey yellow, mustard, green, Oceanside (blue/gray/green), powdery pink, and terracotta.



3.     Woodform Concrete

This list of the top interior design trends for 2021 would be remiss without mentioning how woodform concrete is used in the design style and home décor trends we’ve come to love. Mainly, the further inclusion of woodform concrete into the living room design ideas and most popular interior design trends of 2021 is a design trend in and of itself.

Making use of woodform concrete within home décor trends and classic design elements is simply practical in addition to being quite stylish. The interior design world was shaken up when it realized the inclusion of woodform into common interior design trends made them better.

In past days, the stylish look of wood would rarely be found in any room other than the kitchen and living room. Now, as one of the top interior design trends for 2021, woodform concrete is used everywhere in bolstering interior design elements.

Because woodform concrete looks just like wood but has the durability of real concrete, it can be used for crafting your kitchen sink basin, outdoor fire pit, or any other indoor/outdoor enclosure that will be exposed to bangs, scratches, rain, heat, and other physical elements. Woodform concrete protects against all of these things in addition to preventing water damage.

Woodform concrete is becoming very popular among interior designers. When it comes to interior design, adding woodform concrete to the mix can give a cozy yet durable look or feel to any existing living room design ideas you may have. s


4.     Textured Walls

The complexity of interior design trends can’t be understated – when it comes to interior design, textured walls are another of the many living room design ideas we’ve already covered. Surprising us with amazing interior design sense are the interior designers promoting the changing style of the modern living room.

Elegant luxury with classic design elements combine the sophistication of the 1920s with the minimalistic nature of Scandinavian interior design. Other traditional design elements of the 1920s making their second appearance over the course of a century include the use of noble colors, the inclusion of many mirrors, and having a sharp eye for all the gilded details.

Textured walls promote a sense of closeness to nature in addition to serving as a layer of extra insulation for your home.

The new interior design trends for 2021 are full of traditional and classic design elements. All of our customers have been surprising us with amazing interior design trends, design ideas, and design projects. The interior design world has never been better – we hope you enjoyed the top interior design trends for 2021!