Muse Hotel New York City Themed Bathrooms

A while back we had a post, "Small Spaces, no room for a vanity". The post featured a sink, now dubbed, "The Manhattan Sink" that was made for a small unique space. As we all know, Manhattan is filled with huge, unique finds when it comes to hotels, eateries, and bars and sometimes located in relatively smaller spaces. Anyone who has been in a bathroom in New York City knows about space limitations!
The designer, Puccini Group and architects Faithful+Gould wanted to make a statement with these 6 bathrooms located in the lobby/restaurant of the Muse Hotel in New York City's Theater District. They are themed bathrooms and definitely make a statement and the most of their spaces!

These concrete sinks and concrete plumbing covers add to the overall appeal of each individual bathroom. These sinks are not only visually appealing, some have texture too. Three of them have tile embeds to match the walls, one has a metallic sheen in the finish, one is ground terrazzo, and one even has a snakeskin texture so when you feel the sink you can feel the texture of the snakeskin! Concrete is a very diverse material when it comes to design specificity. We take it a step further using GFRC (Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete) gaining greater detail and curves without the limitations of poured concrete. For more pictures email or