Sustainable Interior Design - A Critical Component In Our Design Process

The world is constantly changing, and everyone is increasingly aware of the importance and need to look after and nurture our environment. At JM Lifestyles, we place a considerable amount of emphasis on sustainability, from the initial concept through to implementation.


Wood is a precious resource and vital to the future of humanity, and so every time a tree is cut down, it is vital that a new tree is replaced. Statistics show that approximately 139 acres of forest are cleared every minute across the world. At JM Lifestyles, we wanted to be a part of the solution, rather than add to the problem which is why we created Wood Form concrete.


What Is Woodform Concrete?


WoodForm Concrete® is a cost-effective, sustainable concrete composite, and we are confident that it has the potential to revolutionize the interior design industry. In addition to being environmentally friendly, the product looks and feels exactly like natural wood, but is much more cost-effective and resilient, making it the perfect solution for interior designers all across the world.


Why Should You Choose Woodform Concrete?


Woodform is a fiber-reinforced composite, which is unique but delivers many of the benefits of wood. The reason why people love wood as part of their interior design is the fact that it is timeless, unique, and beautiful, but as we discussed above, we cannot keep destroying the forests at the current rate. The manufacture of Woodform Concrete creates no waste whatsoever, which is another huge benefit when compared with natural wood. Natural wood has to be cut and shaped, and inherently there is a significant amount of waste and expense. Concrete is the same substance that is used to build sidewalks, so it is naturally strong and will last for many many years.


How Good Is Woodform Concrete for Interior Design?


Many people have initial concerns about the use of concrete for interior design. Their perception is that wood is warm to the touch, and concrete is cold, that it is impossible for Woodform Concrete to feel and sound like real wood, and that by choosing this option, they are settling for an inferior product. However, once they visit our showrooms, see and touch some of our designs, their response is always one of shock. That is because Woodform Concrete is not cold to the touch; it looks, feels, and even sounds like real wood. As well as being sustainable, it is also much easier for us to create any shape of table, kitchen work surface, or even a washbasin. The only limitation is your imagination. When it comes to certain areas close to a naked flame, where natural wood would not be an option, Woodform Concrete provides the perfect solution.


Woodform Concrete Meets All Of The Founding Principles Of Sustainable Interior Design


There are at least four principles when it comes to sustainable interior design, and Wood Form concrete complies with all of them.

Design for Low Environmental Impact - Interior designers are encouraged to minimize any impact on the environment, specifically with the type of products they use in the design and building process. Woodform Concrete is sustainable, environmentally friendly, and, as a consequence, has an almost minimal environmental impact, making it the ideal product to be used in interior design.
Design For Waste Reduction - It seems hard to believe that only a few years ago, designers were creating products that would be discarded and replaced as fashions changed. This philosophy of interior design is no longer sustainable; in fact, it could be argued that it never was in the first place. Designers are now focused on finding ways to help reduce the depletion of natural resources and using materials that can be reused or recycled at the end of their life cycle. This is another area in which Woodform Concrete excels, as it can be used for rubble, concrete aggregate, and road base.
Design for Longevity and Flexibility- Interior designers should take into consideration the longevity of any products they intend to use, especially in areas of high traffic, such as flooring and work surfaces. Woodform Concrete is both flexible and long-lasting, it allows for individual components to be changed with relative ease, as family requirements change, without the need to change the entire design.
Design For Healthy Environments - Finally, designers should factor in the health of the people who will be living in, or spending a lot of time within the environment they are designing. Materials used should have low emissions of VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) and any other air pollutants. Our Woodform Concrete uses only the best materials to ensure that the product is safe and will help our customers to remain healthy in their home or office.

Although we might be a little biased, we are confident that Woodform Concrete is a breakthrough product, both in terms of flexibility and sustainability. Before you make any decisions regarding your next interior design project, our advice would be to visit our showroom today and experience the beauty of Woodform Concrete for yourself. We are convinced that you will be impressed.