About JM Lifestyles Concrete Atelier

Nostalgia- oldies but goodies

"Our best work begins with our relationship with you," Michelle Radley.

Atelier - A workshop or studio, especially one used by an artist or designer.

At JM Lifestyles we are the finest collection of craftsmen specializing in concrete design. Inventors of WoodForm Concrete®, our atelier is one of a kind. We offer thoughtful products, custom design, fabrication, and installation.  Our goals are inspired by your dreams. We take pride in creating the perfect piece for your living environment.  Our products are environmentally safe! "Concrete or cement... is probably the most used, yet misunderstood substance in the world." Let us show you more about it!  Check out our WoodForm Concrete line and our Real Concrete™ line of products

We look forward to meeting you.