World of Concrete 2008 Great Success!

Last week was the World of Concrete tradeshow, which is a million square feet inside and outside show that encompasses all aspects of concrete. Concrete being the most consumed material on the planet after only water, you can imagine how many people were there!

Of course, a lot of that sidewalk concrete doesn't apply to us, but the decorative concrete aspect of the show was a wonderful success! We debuted our limited edition concrete coffee table piece there and we got wonderful response from Cheng and people all over the world. We have a company that wants to distribute our products in Hawaii and we got offers for the table to be displayed in show rooms. We had interest from as far away as Hong Kong.

Jeff, our product manager, also won two Cheng awards a Merit award for Best Functional Feature a wine chiller, we were the first and only company to think to embed a wine chiller in the surface. They also liked the design of the wine chiller and how it made up a wall of the sink and including the fiber optics made it really outrageous! Then Jeff also got THE first place award for Best Decorative Finish. This countertop with all the colors is unlike anything that has been done at all in the entire decorative concrete industry. We are quickly gaining a reputation within the field for having outrageous unique projects, which is exactly what we are going for so needless to say we feel accomplished. After the awards ceremony we went to the VIP Cheng after party where we got to meet other Cheng members and winners of other awards. It was great to meet and talk with other fabricators all over the country who are also very innovative and talented. It was clear with the scope of work submitted to these awards that these companies and people are in the top echelon of the concrete world and we felt very lucky to be a part of it.

Concrete Decor magazine covered the awards and their next issue will show pictures. We are also going to be featured as artisan of the month in that issue so stay tuned.

Jeff also got approached to be one of the people at the World of Concrete next year that create projects on site. So next year we will be a concrete artisan making some outrageous project in the outside section at the World of Concrete.
He was also approached to maybe teach a class at the Concrete Countertop Institute.

Just to announce officially, we had mentioned it to some people at the show, we are distributors of Fiber Optics and LEDs. We have a variety of of illuminators as well. We will build a section of the website for this, but for now please call or email for any questions or inquiries ( or 973 668 5057). We also offer design features and can help incorporate optics and lighting into your projects.