The Year's best Projects 2008 in Review

The beginning of a New Year and we are busier than ever starting on a lot of new great projects and are looking forward to see them completed! For now though I want to reflect on the year past. 

We came up with an exciting new system for concrete to look and feel just like wood with more detail than any other system we've seen so far. We are going to be supplying materials and providing classes in the spring for this system. 

We have made great advancements in fiber optic design and glowing concrete. We are now offering our design and consulting services as well as distributing fiber optics. You won't just be receiving the optics but support from our in house experts tailored to your job. We will also be offering classes for fiber optics come spring time. 

To top it off we are also offering our design services. We have a knack for designing and knowing the limitations of concrete and mixing mediums, we want to share our knowledge and experience and help maximize your projects! In a time where originality counts our design services can offer your concrete fabrication company an edge. We are versed in many mediums and problem solving, like this restaurant bathroom, another year's best,  the restaurant owner wanted to use fountain heads he bought in Thailand and use them as faucets. We re machined parts so it can be used as a faucet and hid the electronic eye in the concrete wall panels. We designed and fabricated the wall panels, frame, and inverted bowl sink. 

Mixing mediums is one of our specialties and a natural is mixing concrete and metal. We will be providing metal details and brackets and for concrete fabricators so that fabricators can maintain their profit margins for specialty jobs rather than spend a lot of time and effort making something you just may not be set up for. We have spent years putting together a comprehensive tools for concrete fabricators and what is unique about our supplies is that they come from experience and proven application.